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Introduction to MEDIASHARE

MEDIASHARE is a cloud-based lecture recording and video management system integrated with all leading LMS platforms, making MEDIASHARE available from within your LMS.

The Administrator completes the MEDIASHARE Settings, the one-time system set-up tasks to enable video recording and manage users.

Flexible recording options enable Faculty to:

  • Schedule recordings ahead of time
  • Create recurring recording schedules
  • Stream lectures live quickly and easily.

In addition, Faculty can:

  • Review and edit lecture recordings before publishing to learners
  • Record/upload course materials using the Record app
  • Create quizzes and surveys for your users

Learners can:

  • Search for and access lecture recordings from any internet-connected PC or iOS and Android mobile device.
  • Bookmark content, add notes, and rate videos.
  • Complete quizzes and/or surveys that faculty have assigned as part of video or course content


  • The Administrator defines the recording settings and organizes learners by division/school, or cohort and course.
  • Faculty can create quizzes and surveys for learners.

Home/Dashboard (Administrator only)

  • View lecture capture status and edit and publish videos.
  • View total captures, views, etc. for a given time period right on your Dashboard.

Schedule (Administrator & Faculty only)

  • Schedule recordings in advance and view the recording schedule for each room.
  • Create live streaming events, or schedule video conference meetings.


  • Upload and manage multimedia files and view files that others have shared with you.
  • Edit video and publish to learners. (Administrator and Faculty only)
  • Assign video you have created to Courses so students can review. (Administrator & Faculty only)

Live Streaming

  • Faculty can webcast live video to learners securely.
  • Faculty can access video conferencing functionality.
  • Students can access any live streaming available to them based on the courses they are enrolled in.


  • The Administrator can view usage and user activity for your MEDIASHARE application.
  • Faculty can view extensive analytics based on the courses they are teaching.
Updated on January 18, 2024

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